Sawdust Workshop, Inc.

  Come see us at our new location, located on Rt. 15 E of Albion behind Herschel Johnson Implement dealership. Look for the Sawdust Workshop sign.

We make it and sell directly to you the customer, no middle man to mark up the cost!

Our Mission

To provide the general public with the highest quality moldings, wood, and custom wood furniture.


All moldings are produced on a Weinig Unimat 300 molder, this machine is brand new and of the highest quality available to produce only the highest quality moldings. All moldings are measured to the thousandths of an inch for a perfect match every time. We can produce flooring in any width desired up to nine inches wide. We are adding to our profile list weekly and have many standard profiles available and can make any profile needed on our new Weinig profile grinder.


We specialize in high quality finishing, with our on site paint and finish booth we are able to provide you with a beautiful stain and lacquer finish or a high quality paint finish. We have found that nearly 90% of our customers want us to finish there trim, by doing this they get a high quality professional finish to match there trim. Most customers do not have the time, equipment, material, or space to finish trim properly. Thats why we invested in the equipment to provide this service. Priced by the lineal foot we can let you know exactly what finishing will cost you.

Click on pictures above for more pictures of current trim projects.


With shipments available weekly we can fill most any order, including hard to find hardwood plywoods. Most wood is planed and ready to go, straight lining and sanding is also available.

Custom Furniture

We also do custom furniture and cabinets from your drawings or pictures.


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