About the shop

Hi! I’m Will, and this is my workshop.

In 2004 I started my first business building acoustic guitars, after years of working for Santa Cruz Guitar Company. My mission was to build smaller sized guitars based on the designs of 1920’s Gibsons and Martins. I soon branched out into ukuleles, and then cigar box instruments, and became interested in using as much salvaged and recycled wood as possible.

Over the years I’ve collected a shop full of materials rescued from the dumpster or the burn pile. Not everything is suitable for instruments, so I’ve learned to build furniture, kitchenware, boxes, and anything else that customers have requested.

In 2016 I took on part time work in the cellars of a winery and suddenly had access to discarded wine barrels that had outlived their original use. Taking inspiration from their unique shape and character, I’ve repurposed barrels into wine racks, tables, cheese boards, spoons, spatulas, bottle openers, bar stools, and more.

Sawdust Workshop represents my ongoing evolution as a woodworker. From guitars to cigar box ukuleles, from picnic tables to cutting boards, I’m constantly looking forward to new projects. My training building acoustic guitars has left a lasting influence on my work and I pride myself in my attention to detail and my desire to create something that will last generations. Let me build something just for you.

While I specialize in custom work, I do sell at local markets from time to time. Check out my Contact page for upcoming events.

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