From acoustic guitars to cigar box ukuleles, these are a few examples of the hundreds of instruments I’ve built over the years. Contact me for questions about current stock or custom orders.

Acoustic guitar built with spruce, mahogany, and rosewood

Banjolele built with hand drum, mahogany, and purpleheart wood

So this is alt text

Tenor ukulele built from a French Oak wine barrel head and purpleheart wood

Electric guitar built from a vintage hospital bedpan

Hello Kitty lunchbox ukulele

The cigar box ukulele family

Concert ukuleles

Tenor ukuleles

Baritone ukuleles

Tenor ukuleles with tin can resonators

Electric 3 string fretless bass ukuleles

6 string guitar/ukulele

Mandolin ukulele and 8 string tenor ukulele

Antique cigar box concert ukulele

Electric steel string resonator with aluminum cone

Electric bass ukulele with onboard preamp and tuner

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